Good to know

Good to know

Electricity brings businesses to life, as it powers various activities within a business, from production to administration. Issues such as power outages, fluctuations, drops, or insufficient supply can disrupt critical activities and cause significant business damage.

When it comes to the name Cummins, those in various industries requiring power generation sources are likely familiar. Whether it's in construction, automotive, marine, agriculture, and more, Cummins is a brand that manufactures and distributes diesel engines and generators to industries renowned worldwide. Guaranteeing quality and a reputation built over more than 100 years, even in Thailand, many leading companies trust and choose Cummins products.

When it comes time to replace parts in engines or generators due to wear and tear, many of us might decide to opt for aftermarket parts instead of genuine Cummins parts simply because they seem interchangeable and are much cheaper.

If you're in the market for “Cummins” branded products and services, whether it's engines, power generators, or spare parts, as well as maintenance, repair, and annual overhaul services, you might wonder, “Who should I buy from?” Because you know that making a purchase from a direct distributor is reliable and trustworthy, ensuring you receive genuine Cummins products directly from the correct manufacturing facility. This is a crucial factor in maintaining the long-term performance of your engines and generators.

Since animals are living beings, it implies that appropriate management must be provided, and their quality of life should be taken to account. The main factors including food, water, light (electric light), temperature, and health cannot be overlooked.

Our path is paved with determination by the two never stopped improving and, not only verbally expressed that the Cummins engine was good, but they have actually tested it themselves by driving a Cummins Diesel Test Bus with 125 HP Model H engine from New York on the peninsula to Los Angeles, California, which is on the other side of the country #to prove to everyone the power and capability of the Cummins diesel engine, devoted by both of them to invent.

Cummins genuine products, ranging from large items like engines and generators, are securely packaged with sturdy shipping skids or in export boxes to protect the contents. This extends to medium to small sized boxes, crates, barrels, or envelopes used for packaging parts and consumables. Not only are the packaging designed and selected appropriately for the specific product, but they are also managed and controlled to meet Cummins’ standards.

We’ve tested and compared the results: Cummins parts perform better and last longer. When it comes to productivity, efficiency, uptime and profitability, there is a genuine difference.

Are you using the engine for the right application, or are you using a modified engine to make it work?