About Us

About Us


Cummins first came in Thailand by Diethelm & Co Ltd as a distributor in 1964 Products and services under the "Cummins" brand first entered Thailand in 1964 by Diethelm & Co, the official importer and distributor at that time under the trading model

From distributor to Join Venture : Cummins DKSH (Thailand)
Committed to combining strengths in product and aftermarket services with strong distributors in Thailand, Cummins Inc had a vision to increase its Capital Investment together with Diethelm & Co Ltd and forming a Joint Venture Company in 2007 with the first official registered name "Cummins Diethelm"
Later in the year 2009 – Diethelm has announced their official name changing from "Diethelm & Co Ltd" to " DKSH (Thailand) Limited " with the purpose of increasing strength as a market expansion leader in Thailand that was when "Cummins Diethelm" renamed to Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Limited ever since.


Why we exist

Making people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world.


What we want to accomplish

Innovating for our customers to power their success


How we will do it

Health & Safety

A safe work environment for all of our employees is crucial, and a top priority at Cummins DKSH (Thailand)

We are committed to the implementation and compliance to safe work practices, creating education and awareness for our employees about work safety, and rewarding our employees and our locations for continued safe working conditions. We perform frequent safety audits of all of our facilities and our Health, Safety and Environment Department takes all necessary corrective actions to ensure that we provide a safe place for all of our employees to come to work.
at the end our most important goal is to create a safe environment, a safe workplace , A safe way of working for our employees, partners including our business partners so that all parties involved can proactively run business and drive continuous development.

Our Environment

Cummins DKSH (Thailand) has invested in protecting our environment from harmful emissions. We support increased regulations to better the environment.  We are active in adopting policies to develop the right technologies and products to meet short and long-term goals for greenhouse gas reductions, and the implementation of delivering better products to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. We will continue our efforts to ensure that everything we do leads to a cleaner and healthier environment while delivering products that provide efficiency, reliability, and durability.