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QSK 60 Containerized

We'd like to introduce you all with our Innovated QSK60 Containerized Power Generators which is specially for Data Center businesses but are also suitable for other segments.
• This Genset come ready to use in standard sized shipping containers "putting it down and Can be used right away!!*
• Arrange, Lay, or stack according to space limitations.

When the World is Driven by Data, Let Data Center be Driven by Us.

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We provide full solutions for every need, from Diesel Engines for all applications, Power Generators covered all business types to aftermarket services : components, parts, consumables, repairing, PM, or annual overhaul. Our Service Center , engineers, and technicians are certified by Cummins Inc. We have sales team support nationwide including Laos and Cambodia. We are your power solutions partner that your business can rely on.



Our diesel engines, natural gas engines, and alternative fuel engines are built with expertise you can depend on. Since our beginnings, we've pushed the boundaries of how power is made, delivering the right technology for the right application, at the right time.



From mission critical and life-saving standby generators, to back up power for your home or business, Cummins has the integrated power systems solution to meet your needs

Components & Parts


Cummins genuine parts are built to exact specifications for our products, and made using materials and procedures that match our dependable products. This is why our parts are better than non-genuine parts.Browse our parts catalog, find your engine serial number, and learn more about why genuine parts are the best for your Cummins products.

The one and only Cummins certified workshop in Thailand


We provide you with personalized service, fast response and diagnosis precise answers to your service needs, high-quality repairs and ongoing communication.

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Good to Know

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Electricity brings businesses to life, as it powers various activities within a business, from production to administration. Issues such as power outages, fluctuations, drops, or insufficient supply can disrupt critical activities and cause significant business damage.

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NEW! Can Non-Genuine parts really function effectively as Genuine Cummins Parts?

When it comes time to replace parts in engines or generators due to wear and tear, many of us might decide to opt for Non-Genuine parts instead of Genuine Cummins parts simply because they seem interchangeable and are much cheaper.


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