Is a Cummins Diesel Engine Really Good? What Applications is it Suitable For?

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When it comes to the name Cummins, those in various industries requiring power generation sources are likely familiar. Whether it’s in construction, automotive, marine, agriculture, and more, Cummins is a brand that manufactures and distributes diesel engines and generators to industries renowned worldwide. Guaranteeing quality and a reputation built over more than 100 years, even in Thailand, many leading companies trust and choose Cummins products.

Today, we want to introduce you to the Cummins brand further and explore why it’s a top choice for business owners.

Getting to Know Cummins: A World Standard Diesel Engine with Over 100 Years of History

Cummins is a renowned engine manufacturer and distributor from the United States, established in 1919 by banker J. Irwin Miller and Clessie Lyle Cummins, a highly respected local mechanic. Initially, the company designed and tested its engines multiple times until, after World War II, the U.S. government chose Cummins’ N Series engines as a leader in the road construction industry, continuously adding value to the company.

Cummins offers products that cater to businesses across various industries, powering enterprises of all sizes. Thanks to a team of experts with extensive experience, Cummins continuously innovates to meet every business need, from medium to high-power engines, both diesel and gas. Today, Cummins Engines are produced for a wide range of industries, including buses, trucks, passenger vehicles, marine vessels, locomotives, construction equipment, and the energy sector, maintaining international standards for over 100 years.

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The Beginning of Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

In Thailand, Cummins engines and products were first distributed by Diethelm & Co., Ltd., as the importer and distributor in 1964. Later, Cummins Inc. decided to invest in a joint venture with Diethelm & Co., Ltd., leveraging both parties’ strengths, including expertise in diesel engines and alternative energy from Cummins and DKSH’s market expansion leadership. This partnership was renamed Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 2009, marking over 60 years of continuous development to offer our comprehensive expertise and services to support our customers, partners, and business allies in the best possible way.

The primary goal of Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is to distribute engines, generators, parts, and high-standard repair services to businesses and industries requiring power sources, especially diesel engines in Thailand. We believe our products will support your business growth, not just in financial numbers, innovation, and quality, but we are committed to achieving these results from a foundation of environmental safety, workplace safety, and safe working practices for our employees, customers, and business partners.

4 Reasons Why The Entrepreneurs Choose Cummins Engines

Today, Cummins engines and after-sales services are trusted and relied upon for their quality by entrepreneurs in Thailand, for the following four reasons

1. Cummins can design engines and specify them according to made to order applications

Businesses may have similar engine requirements, but specific needs, job site limitations, and organizational environmental policies make each engine unique. We can design and manufacture to meet these specific needs, known as Made To Order production. This ensures engines are perfectly sized and perform according to the specific applications of each business, including adding specific functions like exhaust treatment systems to meet environmental standards (such as EURO 3, 4, 5, etc.). Importantly, designs consider user safety to mitigate potential risks.

2. High-performance Cummins engines deliver the required load

Every Cummins product is designed, invented, and produced to international standards by knowledgeable and experienced engineers, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure that entrepreneurs and our customers can use the engines to their full potential, achieving the necessary power without being underpowered for operations or overusing fuel. High performance meets the demands of the activities performed.

3. Durable, continuous, long-term operation, thus cost-effective

Given the challenging conditions and environments where Cummins engines operate vigorously and against time, our engines are expected to be a continuous source of power even in challenging conditions, described as robust, resilient, and durable.

"Expert Engine design + High-teach manufacturing = Durability and Valued for Money"

With expert manufacturing combined with appropriate engine design for the job characteristics, we can support the growth of every business, reduce production losses, minimize work delays, and ensure long-term use*. This represents the value for every baht spent.

*Provided that it is used and maintained properly

4. Comprehensive Aftermarket Service (Parts , PM and Repair)

Cummins engines and products distributed by Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. come with a global standard warranty and after-sales service, allowing you to confidently entrust our trained engineers and technicians with engine maintenance and repair. We offer a variety of after-sales services, including In-Shop service at the Cummins Wang Noi Service Center, the only Cummins Certified Service Center in Thailand, and On-Site service with genuine parts and repair warranty from us*.

*Provided that it is used and maintained according to Cummins’ recommendations

Additionally, we offer Service Contracts that ensure your engine is properly maintained according to schedule, with benefits that surpass others*.

**For more information, contact us.

What types of businesses can Cummins diesel engines cater to?

Cummins continuously innovates and develops engines for every industry worldwide, covering diesel engines, natural gas engines, and alternative fuel engines. For instance,

Agricultural Application

Agricultural machinery manufacturers (especially OEMs), such as combine harvesters, chemical sprayers, and nutrient applicators, choose Cummins engines to ensure their products are of the highest quality, durable, and enhance the efficiency for our farmers. We offer engines controlled by mechanical systems that operate cleanly and reliably, ranging from 49 – 400 horsepower, allowing you to select the engine size according to your business needs. Additionally, engines in the Quantum series, controlled by electronic systems, also help reduce pollution affecting users and the environment in agricultural areas.

Recommended Cummins engines for agriculture:

Marine Application

Cummins has expertise and experience in marine engines, having produced engines that efficiently meet the needs of the marine sector, notable for their performance and high durability. Our engines range in size from 4.5 – 95 liters, catering to both Commercial Marine groups, such as ferries, passenger ships, cruise ships, fishing boats, cargo ships, yachts, and Non-Commercial Marine groups, including military ships, patrol boats, surveillance vessels, and amphibious ships.

Recommended Cummins engines for marine applications:

Oil and Gas Applicartion

Cummins manufactures engines that operate on natural gas with components as robust as high-compression diesel engines, offering high power output per unit, fuel efficiency, and durability. We provide diesel engines tailored for the oil and gas industry, ranging from 2.8 – 95 liters, including natural gas engines with and without turbochargers. We have expertise and specialization in diesel engines for production and storage vessels, supported by engineers with specific knowledge to assist from the design phase onwards.

Recommended Cummins engines for oil and gas:


Cummins DKSH (Thailand) has been a leader in engines for fire pump applications for over 25 years, with high-quality products that meet safety standards at every production stage. Users can be confident in the performance, as we offer diesel engines for fire pumps in various sizes, tailored to specific applications, ranging from 260 to 600 horsepower (194-447 kilowatts). These powerful, highly durable engines are ready for high-risk firefighting operations in any situation.

Recommended Cummins engines for Fire pumps :

The information above is just a part of the industries that Cummins helps drive forward. We also offer a comprehensive range of products and services covering key businesses in the market.

View all industries here!

Purchase Cummins products and services from Cummins DKSH (Thailand) with confidence in quality and warranty.

Entrepreneurs looking for high-quality power generation equipment from Cummins, whether engines, generators, spare parts, as well as maintenance services, including annual overhauls, should choose to purchase and use services from an official distributor to ensure product quality and service, including after-sales service that meets Cummins’ global standards.

In Thailand, Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the sole Authorized Distributor, directly importing and distributing from Cummins Inc., and this is what you will receive from Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

1. Assurance in genuine Cummins products

Purchasing Cummins products from the Authorized Distributor, Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd., ensures that you receive genuine products manufactured by Cummins’ specific factories (you can request the manufacturing plant of your product from our sales staff), along with a quality guarantee for both small parts and large machines.*

*Please check the warranty conditions (contact us)

2. Service to international standards by experts

All our staff are trained according to Cummins Inc. standards. We strictly control operations according to manuals, operational procedures, and safety standards. Importantly, our staff are well-acquainted with every part and component, ensuring safety and reliability in maintenance and repair.

3. Product warranty and after-sales service

Cummins DKSH (Thailand) is the sole legally registered Cummins Authorized Distributor in Thailand, investing in personnel, transportation systems, large repair centers, and a fast warranty inspection system to provide timely service.

4. Access to Cummins products and stock available checking

As an Authorized Distributor, Cummins DKSH (Thailand) has the right to access inventory numbers, part numbers, filters, and more from the same database used by Cummins Inc. Additionally, you can check all product information with us in one place, with accurate spec information.

5. Cummins standards, international standards

Our company is assessed for quality according to Cummins Inc.’s requirements annually, to maintain the standard of being the sole Authorized Distributor providing comprehensive services according to Cummins’ standards.


Each high-quality Cummins engine model is specifically designed to best meet the needs of various industries, with global standards and reliability. If you are looking for the best engine for your job, regardless of the industry, you can check for the engine products of interest here

Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has a comprehensive service center, and you can make an appointment for more information through all the channels specified on the website.

The moment you choose to contact us, an Authorized Distributor or official dealer, you will indeed receive “Cummins” standard quality service.

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