Introduction to Cummins

the 100-year-old Brand of Diesel Engine and Power Generator

The Cummins you know today was founded in 1919 in Columbus, Indiana (USA) by the cooperation of a banker and an inventor, two seemingly completely different professions, thus, both Clessie Cummins and W.G. Irwin share a common belief that profound study of any subject, combined with hard work, shall one day lead to success.


And they likewise shared a vision for the power of diesel engines.


Because innovation takes time

As one of the very few companies to attain the “Diesel License”, Cummins took this opportunity to research and focus on giving great importance to investment to develop technology and innovation in diesel engines for improved performance, to deliver higher fuel efficiency, to lower the existing limitations and to create a source of energy entrusted by everyone. Not until April of 1919, our first product: the 6 horsepower (HP) HVID diesel engine was created.

Our path is paved with determination

The two never stopped improving and, not only verbally expressed that the Cummins engine was good, but they have actually tested it themselves by driving a Cummins Diesel Test Bus with 125 HP Model H engine from New York on the peninsula to Los Angeles, California, which is on the other side of the country #to prove to everyone the power and capability of the Cummins diesel engine, devoted by both of them to invent.

The end result is a high performance diesel engine capable of faster travel times than the express train of the time at speeds of up to 65mph, which means our engines are….the real deal.

Founder of a global brand Clessie Cummins and W.G. Irwin

Other than the founders, Clessie Cummins and W.G. Irwin, another great contribution that all of us at Cummins shall not fail to mention is J. Irwin Miller, a visionary organizational leader who is a pioneer and took an interest about other surrounding things…which are more than just selling products or conducting the business, and has led Cummins to become a global brand.

Up until now #for over a hundred years, Cummins has remained committed and solid in our commitment to innovate and create “solutions” in energy for every need.

From Cummins…in the bus to the Cummins in the big data center of today’s digital age.

This is the Cummins we love and the brand we all believe in.

Our global manufacturing plants

We have a specialized main manufacturing plants to be ensured of highest quality and efficiency of our products. We carry out management work research and development Marketing and management in many areas around the world:

  • Engines: 
    • Columbus, Indiana (USA)
    • Lakewood, New York (USA)
    • Whitakers, North Carolina (USA))
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Phaltan, India
    • Darlington, U.K.
  • Power Systems:
    • Elkhart, Indiana (USA)
    • Seymour, Indiana (USA)
      Fridley, Minnesota (USA)
    • Clovis, New Mexico (USA)
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Wuxi, China
    • Wuhan, China
    • Pune, India
    • Ahmendnagar, India
    • Ranjangaon, India
    • Phaltan, India
    • San Luis Potosi, Mexico
    • Craiova, Romania
    • Daventry, U.K.
    • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Components:
    • Columbus, Indiana (USA)
    • Charleston, South Carolina (USA)
    • Cookeville, Tennessee (USA)
    • Mineral Point, Wisconsin (USA)
    • Neillsville, Wisconsin (USA)
    • Kilsyth, Australia
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Shanghai, China
    • Wuxi, China
    • Wuhan, China
    • Quimper, France
    • Marketheidenfled, Germany
    • Pune, India
    • Dewas, India
    • Pithampur, India
    • Phaltan, India
    • Rudrapur, India
    • Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
    • San Luis Potosi, Mexico
    • Suwon, South Korea
    • Darlington, U.K.
    • Huddersfield, U.K. 
  • New Power:
    • Columbus, Indiana (USA)
    • Mississauga, Canada
    • Oevel, Belgium
    • Herten, Germany

50 years apart, consistent commitment

“we believe that our survival in the very long run is as dependent upon responsible citizenship in our communities and in the society as it is in responsible technological, financial and production performance.”
J. Irwin Miller
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, 1972
“Climate change is the existential crisis of our time, and we must act today to solve it.”
Tom Linebarger
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, 2022

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