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Delivery tracking


Check your delivery status with DHL by Tracking No.10 digits


Check your delivery status with FedEx by Tracking No.10 digits


Check your delivery status with TNT by Tracking No.10 digits

We provide logistics services
that meet all needs

One stop service from Import to custom clearance

From purchasing - licensing - custom clearance to product delivered at your place

We have professional partners manage end to end of your orders starting from importing ,packaging ,applying for a license (if any) to customs clearance so you can count on the convenience of our one stop service - Just ordering and wait at your place!*

*Note: depending on the type of product, production lead time and order confirmation made

Variety of delivery options covered every need

Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight

Because we know best that your business challenges depend on "time" that is why we offer a variety of delivery options that most fit for different Cummins products; sizes, shapes and goods care conditions via Air Freight ✈️ Sea Freight 🚢 or Road Freight 🚛 channels until they are delivered to your hands.

Whether your needs are based on time or cost management. We have the right and best solutions for you.


Each product requires different care, We start from its packaging

Because each product requires different care. From the large size products such as diesel engine or power generators we design and pack them with shipping skid, covering with an export box to protect your products during transportation.

For those smaller components and spare parts are also being packed appropriately and specific only for that product, whether in a box, carton , dump or bag which our customers can also check and verify its "genuine" by the label applied on the packaging so you can reassure that the product on hands are the ones you really want

Warehouse & Stock Availability

As we are Cummins in Thailand so we are authorized for stock availability accessibility accurately

Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Limited is the Sole Authorized Distributor of products and services brand "Cummins" in Thailand. Not only will you obtain quality, performance and performance as of Cummins standards but it also means you will be supported in terms of product verification, product serial numbers checking, Stock Availability or even number of incoming products as well as monitoring lead time in action

We have Cummins and Cummins Distribution Center around the world as our supporting teams. We have our own standardized warehouse in Thailand where the product placement's procedure and storage's conditions are controled to help maintaining the proper products plus a systematic delivery flow on operation. With these two main factors you can be confident that you can would plan your operations and manage your business smoothly and precisely.

Customer feedback

Your opinions always mean to us

If you encounter any problems or having any experiences to be shared about our logistics services. We are happy to listen to you