From loaders to excavators and cranes, Cummins engines can be found in almost every type of construction equipment imaginable.

Cummins Portable Pump for Dewatering Applications

The Cummins Portable Pump for Dewatering Applications is purpose-built for wastewater transfer, mine dewatering, salt water disposal and emergency water removal.

X15 Productivity Series (2021)

The Power to Deliver.

You get the best of both worlds with horsepower and torque curves optimized for the most challenging applications. Whether you’re transporting raw materials in quad-axle dump trucks, moving 130,000 lbs down the interstate, or fall into a multi-purpose category, you’ll get access to whatever blend of power or efficiency you desire with the EPA2021 X15 Productivity Series.

X15 Performance Series (2021)

The Power to Perform

A refreshed X15 Performance Series is new to 2021 and designed to meet EPA and Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 requirements. While the X15 Performance Series is being updated from the 2017 version, many hardware changes have been in production since 2020 with the X15 Efficiency Series. Built with Uptime, improved Total Cost of Ownership and Ease of Operations in mind, the 2021 X15 Performance Series is the first choice for drivers that need the power to perform.