6 notified marks on the package

Tell you if it's genuine Cummins...or not

What goes with the product upon delivery…is the packaging.

Cummins genuine products, ranging from large items like engines and generators, are securely packaged with sturdy shipping skids or in export boxes to protect the contents. This extends to medium to small sized boxes, crates, barrels, or envelopes used for packaging parts and consumables. Not only are the packaging designed and selected appropriately for the specific product, but they are also managed and controlled to meet Cummins’ standards.

These six indicators are the packaging standards from us, which help you to verify that the product received is a genuine Cummins before you sign to accept the product.

But did you know that… those who sell  Non-Genuine or Imitation Cummins products also start by faking the box? Therefore, the only way to safeguard yourself is to buy only from Cummins DKSH (Thailand)

Here are notified marks for you:

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