Why You Should Purchase Cummins Products and Services from an Authorized Distributor?

If you’re in the market for “Cummins” branded products and services, whether it’s engines, power generators, or spare parts, as well as maintenance, repair, and annual overhaul services, you might wonder, “Who should I buy from?” Because you know that making a purchase from a direct distributor is reliable and trustworthy, ensuring you receive genuine Cummins products directly from the correct manufacturing facility. This is a crucial factor in maintaining the long-term performance of your engines and generators.

Get to Know the Authorized Distributor of Cummins Products and Services in Thailand

What is an Authorized Distributor?

When searching for Cummins products and services online, you might encounter websites or sellers claiming to be Cummins distributors. However, an Authorized Distributor is officially licensed by Cummins Inc., has a contractual agreement with Cummins Inc. to distribute Cummins branded products and services within a specified country, and is regulated, audited at every step of operation, and must meet Cummins’ standards.

In Thailand, Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Limited is the sole Authorized Distributor, directly importing and distributing products from Cummins Inc.

Why is Purchasing from an Authorized Distributor Important for Your Business?

Often, we and our team learn about problems from direct customer experiences after they decided to purchase engines, generators, parts, or repair services from sellers other than us. Here are some of the issues encountered, which we want to highlight as a caution.

  • Cummins engines of lower models being modified to sell as higher-powered versions is a common issue we encounter. In the market, there are instances where lower horsepower engines (cheaper) are modified and equipped with aftermarket parts to increase horsepower (not designed by Cummins factory). Engineering products like engines are designed and calculated for specific performance, cooperation, and integration to achieve true horsepower. An engine that doesn’t deliver the horsepower as claimed from day one is essentially a modified engine that might not show problems immediately, but issues will definitely emerge over time.
  • Lower-priced Cummins engines being modified to sell as more expensive models, such as modifying land engines for marine use, is why sometimes you might find marine engines in the market at prices lower than what an Authorized Distributor sells.
  • Sellers claim, “This is a Cummins engine,” but in reality, only some parts are from Cummins. When these engines are damaged and sent to our repair center, we often find key components that are not Cummins parts, causing damage to genuine Cummins parts that are expensive. At this point, you will unfortunately face higher repair costs.

                                    “Claiming it’s a Cummins engine, but not all parts are Cummins… is not acceptable.”

  • Warranty issues arise, and after you’ve paid, you may be left stranded with repair costs because purchasing Cummins engines and generators from unauthorized dealers carries the risk of getting modified products, either second-hand modifications or cross-application modifications, damaging genuine Cummins parts, possibly voiding the warranty, and incurring additional costs.

To help you mitigate business risks from operational downtime or endless additional costs, wouldn’t it be better if you purchased from an Authorized Distributor, the official importer and distributor in Thailand?

5 Benefits of Purchasing Cummins Products and Services from Cummins DKSH (Thailand)

1. Assurance in genuine Cummins products

When you purchase Cummins products from the Authorized Distributor, Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Limited, you can be confident that you will receive genuine products. Authorized Distributors must purchase directly from Cummins Inc. to ensure that the products and services sold in various countries are authentic.

For more information on aftermarket and genuine parts, visit: Can Non-Genuine Parts really function effectively as Genuine Cummins Parts?

2. Receive services from experts trained to Cummins standards

Every employee at Cummins DKSH (Thailand) is trained according to Cummins Inc.’s standards in all operational areas. We control operations according to procedures and have installation and maintenance manuals set to standards. Our employees have the correct knowledge and understanding, ensuring that what Cummins does, Cummins DKSH (Thailand) does too, allowing us to provide the most suitable solutions for your engines and generators.

3. Receive product and service warranties

Choosing to purchase Cummins products and services from Cummins DKSH (Thailand), an Authorized Distributor that is properly registered, invests in personnel (engineers and technicians) to take good care of your assets, invests in transportation systems to protect your products, invests in large repair centers, has support teams from Cummins in every country, and has a fast warranty inspection system, ensures you fully benefit from the warranty and after-sales service.

4. Checking Cummins stock availability in one place

As the official importer and distributor, Cummins DKSH (Thailand) is the only entity with the right to access the inventory system and information on part numbers, spare parts, filters, and more. This advantage saves you both money and time, gets you what you need quickly, and importantly, allows you to plan your operations smoothly, offering a truly superior benefit.

Confidence in Cummins Global Standards

“Did you know that Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Limited is assessed for
quality standards and compliance with Cummins Inc.’s requirements annually
to maintain its Authorized Distributor status?”

This does not only pertain to basic product and service standards but also includes audits to ensure operations comply with safety and environmental regulations. Thus, you can be confident in receiving “Cummins” standard quality services globally recognized from an Authorized Distributor.


Choosing to purchase Cummins branded products and services only from an Authorized Distributor ensures confidence in the authenticity and quality, and guarantees that your Cummins engines and generators will operate at full efficiency. You’ll receive services from knowledgeable and skilled staff and technicians who meet standards, eliminating future concerns about product quality, after-sales service, and maintenance.

Choose to purchase Cummins branded products and services only from Cummins DKSH (Thailand) for assured performance, safety, and aftermarket support for your business in the long term.

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