Our Delivery Service

Cummins designs, manufactures, distributes and services a broad portfolio of power solutions. Our products include internal combustion, electric and hybrid integrated power solutions. We also offer a wide range of related components including filtration, aftertreatment, turbochargers, fuel systems, controls systems, air handling systems, automated transmissions, electric power generation systems, microgrid controls, batteries, electrolyzers and fuel cell products. Learn more about our engines, generators and power systems, components, and new power solutions.

Domestic transportation

Land Transportation

It can be transported by train and car. The rail transport service is suitable for transporting goods over long distances. The delivery period can be determined for sure. because it cannot stop on the way or deviate from the route and is safer than a car due to fewer accidents As for the service of transporting goods by car suitable for transporting goods over short distances Delivery times may vary depending on road traffic conditions and the possibility of stopovers or transfers.

Air Transportation

International Transportation

Air cargo service It is important for the import and export of goods between countries. can be transported quickly convenient and safe Suitable for transporting items that are easy to lose or items that need to reach their destination as soon as possible. But there will be a higher cost than other transportation.

Sea Freight

International Transportation

Freight Forwarding Service Suitable for transporting large, difficult-to-damage, and long-distance cargo. It took a long time to deliver and the exact time could not be determined. depending on climate and terrain Mainly used for international shipping, same as air freight, but the shipping cost is cheaper.

Innovations in Focus

Worldwide, Cummins has over 500 electrolyzers in operation, and over 2,000 fuel cells powering hundreds of vehicles. The stats speak for themselves. Cummins has the technology and real-world experience to fuel the future.