At Cummins, we unleash the energy, vision and potential of our employees to power the world. Our people and products are truly everywhere


From your first day at Cummins, we’re focused on understanding your talents, current skills and future goals – and creating a plan to get you there. Your journey begins with planning your development and connecting to diverse experiences designed to stretch your limits. You’ll receive team feedback about your future aspirations and an action plan of challenges to expand your horizons. As your professional skill set flourishes over time, you can change business units, accept special assignments, move into leadership and discover amazing career options all around the world.


An aligned balance of total rewards

We recognize that financial compensation is among your priorities, and our base salaries reward you for focusing on results and working smart. As a Cummins employee, you'll participate in a variable compensation program - so as we thrive, so will you. Additional benefits vary between locations and include options.


The purpose of this 3.5-year rotational

Is to groom the next generation of technical experts and leaders through challenging rotational assignments, technical and business skills training, Six Sigma certification and other development opportunities such as formal mentoring, networking, events with company leaders, etc. Our vision is to provide you with a multi-business, cross-functional, and cross-cultural experience. Participants will develop their skills and strengthen their understanding of Cummins engineering processes.


The Finance Development Program is a two-year program that provides financial and accounting professionals a broad range of experience in planning, forecasting, reporting, financial analysis, audit, plant finance, transaction support and treasury.


Our Manufacturing Development Program

Is a two-year career development program that offers a balance of real business and real engineering work at corporate and plant sites along with an ongoing training curriculum based on leading industry skills, tools, and methods. Upon completion of our program, you will be well established in business fundamentals, engineering fundamentals, customer-focused operations and applied business and engineering in modern manufacturing systems.


Our Marketing and Sales College Development Program

Is a two-year career development program with four six-month short-term assignments, offering qualified participants a broad range of marketing and sales experience in multiple Cummins business units.

Outstanding opportunities the world over

At Cummins, we make the best diesel engine products on earth - period. In order to maintain our unmatched quality and innovation, we hire the best and brightest from all over the world. And we're always searching for new ideas and viewpoints from a diverse group of fresh talent. It's part of our commitment to building partnerships with our people, our customers, our environment and our communities. We offer exciting opportunities including (but not limited to) the following areas:


Colleges and universities are a great place to meet talented candidates seeking opportunities to grow their careers as well as their communities. We recruit graduates in technical degree programs to support our "hire-to-develop" strategy. But we also seek out candidates from other disciplines such as finance, human resources, business, and marketing. Your career path can be virtually unlimited here, exploring a wide range of opportunities that continue to evolve as we expand our business globally.
We strive every day to be a place where people can build a career and not just be a stop along their career journey. Beginning work in your local market will enable you to gain great experience that strengthens your personal and professional development. As your professional skill set flourishes over time, you can change business units, accept special assignments, move into leadership and discover amazing career options all around the world. At Cummins, global opportunity means you’ll find us just about everywhere.

Work with us

we empower everyone to grow their careers through meaningful work, coaching, development and opportunities to make a difference and an impact on the world.